Top Roofing Companies

 Top Roofing Companies

1. High Standards of Excellence
2. Great Customer Experience

Top Roofing Companies

1. High Standards of Excellence
2. Great Customer Experience

Mighty Dog Roofing - NW Houston

13320 Telge Rd Suite 201


Chastity Nicholson

Chastity Nicholson

Jason Nicholson

Jason Nicholson

Hunter Nicholson

Hunter Nicholson


Expertise In These Roof Systems

Asphalt Roof System

Brava Spanish Barrel Tile

Euroshield Vermont Slate HP Roof System

Roser Stone Coated Steel Roof System

Decra Stone Coated Steel Roof System

Standing Seam Metal Roof System

EPDM commercial roof

Top Roofing Companies

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Mighty Dog Roofing - NW Houston


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Top Roofing Company Video Summary

Top Roofing Companies have at least two things in common:

  1. The Leadership and Staff Exhibit High Standards of Excellence
  2. Company Culture is Obsessed with Great Customer Experience

Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Mighty Dog Roofing Northwest Houston as one of the Top Roofing Companies. We had the opportunity to spend time with them to capture the essence of what makes them one of the Top Roofing Companies of 2023. Enjoy the video and the transcription below:

The most important thing is to help the customer and make sure they get taken care of and that they don’t have any surprises, concerns, plus that we do what we said we would do.

“Hi, my name is Dominique. I’m the one that handles the scheduling, estimates.  Whenever your appointment is scheduled, I come to the house to perform the 25 point inspection. I have the fun job of documenting your vision for your roof project in order to do the scope of work.

I’ll present you with the Mighty Dog Roofing brand folders which details everything we talked about regarding your roof project, which will also be followed with an email.”

“Hi, I’m Jason Nicholson and I’ll be behind the scenes at Mighty Dog Roofing of Cypress helping taking care of the staff and the roofing crew so that you (the customer) can get everything you need and so we can deliver on our Top Dog Roofing commitments.”

“Hi, this is Hunter Nicholson with Mighty Dog Roofing of Northwest Houston. I’m the Production Manager here, so I’m in charge of making sure the roof installation team shows up on time, that the correct roofing materials are on location, keeping the cleanliness of your house in order and I also take care of anything our roofing installation customers need. I do it from start to finish 100%. I check up on the roofing production team and check up on you, our customers. I can’t wait to see you!”

“Hey, I’m Chastity Nicholson. I’m the one you’ll talk to when you need help with financing your roof. I also like to come out and visit our customers, even when we’re done with your roofing job. I’d love to hear how great the roofing job went for you, how the roofing installation team did, how our sales team did. I hope to speak with you soon.”

Mighty Dog Roofing has helped retired people fix their roof with their insurance claim, people that have had trees fall through their roof and into their home, and they don’t say a roofing job is done until the completed roof job passes the quality assurance standards.

The DaVinci Roofscapes style roof is very popular in Texas because of the DaVinci wind resistance rating. We provide you with the different options:

  1. How much to repair the roof problem you have now.
  2. How much to replace your current roof system.
  3. A recommendation of other roof system options.

That is when we might suggest DaVinci Roofscapes, for example.

Even with the most sophisticated roof systems (in this case the image shows a clay Spanish tile roof), there are minor problems that occur over time, like nail pops. Mighty Dog Roofing  does a “25 Point Inspection” at every house they visit to give their roofing customers an exact list of what their roof needs. It’s not about what a roof company wants to sell, it’s about what the customers want and need. 

What separates Mighty Dog Roofing of Northwest Houston is that we present the diagnosis by detailing the current state of every part of your roof. It’s similar to the Doctor taking your temperature along with bloodwork to determine the status of your health. They check the nails, underlayment, roof decking; plus, identify the type of soffit fascia and check the condition of the fascia. They also discuss upkeep or maintenance with their clients and check on their customer’s roof one year after the roof installation. 

Let’s say the customer doesn’t want a full replacement and we only did the repair, we still provide the complementary service (25 Point Inspection) to document the health of your roof over time. It’s also a great way to stay in contact with you to continue to keep your trust and working dynamic chemistry. For example: Josh, you used to have a nail pop but the roof nail has since fallen off and the shingle has been blown off. Since Josh’s roof’s condition has been monitored over time, we can provide evidence to the insurance company for details like date of loss, condition, before and after photos and evidence that helps your case with the roof insurance claim. 

Every time Mighty Dog Roofing does their 25 Point Inspection, they always perform attic inspections. Attics are a great place to discover the source of roof leaks maybe by looking around nail pops, around flashings, around chimneys, to prevent the big leaks like they’ve seen before on the sheetrock of the interior of your home. From the attic, the Mighty Dog Roofing team member can also see if the wood is getting wet from a small leak that could grow to become a bigger roof leak. 

These roofing components are exactly what are going to be installed on your roof. Hunter likes to take real samples to customers so they can see what they are getting by seeing what it looks like. It helps build trust in them and in their integrity. 

First, they’ll start with the decking, which is a standard sheet of OSB.  As soon as the install team strips all of the materials from the existing roof, they make sure the decking is strong, stable and in good condition; otherwise, they’ll replace the rotten sections of roof decking. 

As soon as they know the decking is structurally sound, they lay down the synthetic underlayment that is slip resistant and keeps the roofing crew safe by helping them with their traction while providing a good layer of protection for your roof, and in turn, your home. Your roof can be exposed to UV rays for up to 60 to 90 days, if necessary, due to the synthetic underlayment. 

As soon as the synthetic underlayment is fastened down across your entire roof decking, Mighty Dog Roofing comes in and applies Owens Corning Weatherlock Mat self-adhered ice and water shield on the valleys and gutter lines to prevent ice build up. The brand of asphalt roof system Mighty Dog Roofing Northwest Houston prefers is Owens Corning since they are an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. 

Once the synthetic underlayment and the ice and water shield are laid down, they begin the installation process of the shingles. They lay down the starter strip starter shingles which gives them a nice starting line with a crisp finish across the front. The field shingles are laid on top of the starter shingles in a staggered pattern to give it a great look. Mighty Dog Roofing team installs hip and ridge shingles and it gives the roof definition. They will not lay flat or come off. The hip and ridge shingles are built for that specific purpose. Other roofing companies use 3-tab shingles by cutting them up. 3-tab shingles are meant to be installed on the slopes of the roof, not to be used as specialized hip and ridge shingles. Usually, if you see fiberglass damage showing on your hips and ridges, it’s probably because that roofing company used regular 3-tabs shingles. After that, Mighty Dog Roofing walks around and makes sure that all of the vents, accessories are all sealed and secured properly, and that is your roof.

One of the things that separates Mighty Dog Roofing Northwest Houston from other roofing companies is not just that they sell a better shingle, or that Mighty Dog Roofing are 1% of the entire United States roofing companies, because they have an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Status. They are 1 of the 1% of roofing companies in the U.S. What separates them is also the extent they go to with their roofing customers.

It all begins with their 25 Point Roof Inspection. They walk through their home on the outside, in the attic, and on the roof to check critical points so that there isn’t anything that will be missed. 

They want to give you everything you need for your roof to take care of your home. 

The next step is the Mighty Dog Pledge. The Mighty Dog Pledge is about having excellent communication with you. Mighty Dog Roofing Northwest Houston will not leave you in limbo not knowing what is going on, or what are the next steps.  They assure they will be on time and will take care of the cleanliness of your home. There will not be debris laying around after the roof is complete. They will make sure that your plants and cars are protected around your house, which is your most valuable asset.

Mighty Dog Roofing has a Watchdog Maintenance Program, which is different from their roofing competition. For five years after your roof has been installed, Mighty Dog Roofing inspects your home’s roof annually for anything that could become a problem in your future.

They offer 24 hour emergency roofing services. They offer multiple roofing financing options that are affordable. Mighty Dog Roofing has a series of steps that the roofing project has to go through from start to finish to ensure nothing is missed and that you’re always informed of how your roof job is going. Mighty Dog Roofing Northwest Houston is licensed and insured. They use a House Cape to protect the outside of your home (protects your shrubs, A/C unit, driveway) from the debris caused by the removal of your old roof system. Mighty Dog Roofing has a Curb Appeal Visualizer which is an app they can use with an iPad to take a picture of your home to visualize how your roof will look with the shingles you picked out. It’s great to see what your roof will look like and customers are more confident with the decisions they make.

Hero’s Storm Response is the commitment to prioritize their customers when storms pass through your area. No waiting for people to show up because you are put at the head of the line.

The roof insurance claim process is easy for their customers because they help you every step of the way. Mighty Dog Roofing Northwest Houston communicates the information to your insurance carrier on your behalf, while making the process much less painful for you. Their team of experts helps remove the confusion from the insurance claim steps.

“Roof”erals and reviews is a program where they offer promotional packages for referring your friends, family, and neighbors. 

Chastity and Jason wanted to start their own business as a family company. Chastity and Jason, who also has a corporate job, have their son Hunter (Production Manager). They decided to open their own roofing company because they had always heard horror stories about people getting their roofs done and nothing going right. The lack of cleanliness is a huge thing in the roofing industry. Roofing companies starting a roofing job, but not finishing it or not tearing off the existing roof system correctly.  Some companies don’t fix the rotten decking because they don’t even remove the felt or underlayment to see that the decking is rotten. People continue to have leaks after getting an expensive roof on their home. Chastity and Jason came up with the idea of changing the face of roofing. 

People always ask Chastity what made them choose roofing. Chastity’s background is as a nutritionist so she likes to help people keep their bodies healthy, so she got into roofing because she wanted to help the people keep their home healthy because of the mold and mildew associated with roof leaks. They like to check the attic, check the roof, check the interior to see if there are any active leaks or if there is something that needs to be repaired to prevent any damage from occurring. Chastity is also concerned with the amount of debris that comes down from the previous roof being removed, so she cares about cleaning up to prevent nails causing flats in customer’s cars. Mighty Dog Roofing House Cape helps prevent problems with falling debris, while protecting window screens and plants. 

Jason has 25 years of executive leadership experience and implements processes that make a difference in Mighty Dog Roofing Company. How they function behind the scenes are processes the customer experiences but never see, clearly separates them in so many ways. There is very clear structure and very clear alignment and communication and each of those steps contribute to the great processes in place. Jason’s lifelong experience helps Mighty Dog Roofing shine as a Top Roofing Company and create a huge amount of momentum for the sales guys and for the rest of the team. Production is seamless. Customers understand that if they have a question, or something is missing, they know immediately it will be taken care of. Jason says the majority of the time the customers don’t have too many questions because the system is seamless. The customer has the plan and knows what to expect next. When issues arise the issues are fixed usually within 24 hours. 

What makes Mighty Dog Roofing Northwest Houston one of the Top Roofing Companies of 2023 is the structure in place behind the scenes with Hunter’s hourly and daily checks and balances as the Production Manager. He checks in with customers often. Hunter, personally, goes to roof project locations to check if the roofing materials inventory is correct.

Chastity deals with all of the relationships, whether it’s the banks financing the customers, the installation crews. For example, Chastity will make sure the roof installation crew have lunch on any given day to keep the people happy. These are all great examples of why the people within the company are the people deserving of the Top Roofing Companies Award.  

They say that when companies take care of their employees, it’s easy to trust they will take care of their customers.

In the back office, Jason plays chess master with his responsibilities. He builds the structures like checklists to turn in everyday so nothing is missed. That comes from decades of experience all bundled into this roofing operation where people entrust Mighty Dog Roofing to purchase their roof. What Dominique likes the most is about the way Mighty Dog Roofing makes it easier for a customer to make the lifelong decision of purchasing their roof. 

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