Top Roofing Companies

 Top Roofing Companies

1. High Standards of Excellence
2. Great Customer Experience

Top Roofing Companies

1. High Standards of Excellence
2. Great Customer Experience

The Roof Joker

1464 E Whitestone Blvd Suite 2201

Cedar Park

Josh Hadden

Josh Hadden


Expertise In These Roof Systems

Asphalt Roof System

Brava Spanish Barrel Tile

Euroshield Vermont Slate HP Roof System

Roser Stone Coated Steel Roof System

Decra Stone Coated Steel Roof System

Standing Seam Metal Roof System

EPDM commercial roof

Top Roofing Companies

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Solar Panels

Seamless Gutter System

Siding on Exterior of Home


The Roof Joker


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Top Roofing Company Video Summary

I don't know of any other person in Austin that's using the Bullet Boot, but he cares about his customers and he's putting it in there. Then I started doing research on The Roof Joker and they have around 245 five star Google reviews. Do you do more than just the Austin area or do you concentrate only around Austin?

We try to stay local, like Waco got hit. I had a friend of a friend that wanted me to help so yesterday in Waco, I went up there. Generally, we kind of like to keep it within within an hour radius of here. We don't go chasing storms and in Dallas or Houston or New Orleans.

We're local roofers. We do a ton of repairs. We probably do more repairs than we do replacements build relationships with customers because when they do get hit with hail, if where they're roofer, we're going to get that roof. So, yeah, that's you know, we're here to help people. And and and the success that comes along with that is it's a byproduct, right?

We're here to help people with their roofs. One of the things that we do is if your roofs leak in and you have an emergency, you need a tarp. We'll just go out and put a tarp on and it's not going to cost you a dime. Does that do we hope that leads to more business? Yes.

If it doesn't, do we send you a bill or throw a fit because you didn't use us? No, we're literally here to help our community build a good, reputable brand that people can feel comfortable doing business with. Um, there's, there's some good roofing companies in this area, and then there's some bad ones. My mission is to keep people from using the bad ones.

So if I don't get the business, I hope at least one of my competitors that are doing things the right way get the business. What I want to avoid is the "chuck in the truck" scenario which I've come behind that so many times in my career where, oh, well, I got a couple of bids and this guy was the cheapest and I went with it and now it's still leaking.

And I go up there and I'm like, This guy wasn't even a roofer, you know, he just slapped some tar up here. And it's, you know, he created a bigger problem. We're proud of the work that we do. And and we’re people people we love, making people laugh are our way. We tell jokes with people who say we're funny guys, but serious roofers.

I don't know of many people, many roofing companies at all that are working on Saturdays. And now he just told me that he's doing a roof tomorrow. And I don't know if he does this every day, but let me tell you something. The roof joker is the hardest working roofing company, period, out here in the Austin area. Definitely top in the nation.

Okay. Whenever you need a roof, ask him a question. It doesn't matter where you are. I'm sure he'll gladly answer it. The Roof Joker. Awesome. Thank you.

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