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Directorii gives homeowners the best roofing contractor referrals and backs it up with the only $20,000 guarantee in the roofing industry. Angi (formerly Angie's List), Thumbtack, Homeadvisor don't stand behind their recommendations like Directorii does. Register: Dmitry Lipinskiy teaches us the benefits for homeowners and roofing contractors in today's video. There are two words that come to mind when I think of Dmitry's value proposition: integrity and trust.Thank you for watching.

Transcription of Interview with Dmitry Lipinskiy:

Directorii guarantees the roof customer’s project with a $20,000 guarantee. We have a big trust issue in construction in general, but especially in the roofing trade.  There are large amounts of capital that flows from insurance companies to contractors, from contractors to insurance companies. There are homeowner's insurance policy deductible problems and the confusion  as to who collects the deductibles or if they are illegal to waive.  There is a lot of theft occurring, also. Don't ever blame your homeowner for not trusting you if you have that one homeowner who said, like, can I trust you with this check?

You know, they've probably heard too many nightmare stories, and rightfully so. I mean, I've covered them on the roofing inside this channel for years. Story after story after story where not only scam alerts, work, contractors straight out stealing money, but also think about how many bankruptcy you've heard. You can have 20, $30 million Ponzi schemes who essentially still and millions of dollars from homeowners.

And those homeowners will never be able to replace their roofs again unless someone steps in and covers it. If you gave a contractor $10,000 and he went out of business, how many people in the United States will be able to write $10,000 check again, even if it's not your money, if it's insurance money? I mean, 67% of homeowners cannot write $1,000 check.

So it's a big amount for most homeowners. There's a lot of lead generation service, a lot of marketers who tells you and tells homeowners that they have the best contractors in reality. Think about better business, better home advisers. Some you name them, they will have big disclaimers where on the front end they will tell you that they have a best contractors but on the back and you hire at your own risk when something happens, they're not going to take any liability.

They're not liable for damage. Even last year, we have a contractor in Chicago. Home Advisor Send them. The guy was absolutely a nut job. He destroyed a house. He was mentally sick. So he actually neighbor filmed the contractor destroying their property. There is something happened in his head. He was smashing, siding he was doing. And he was home Adviser, contractor.

Guess what? Homeowner Ask Home adviser. Hey, you send me this guy. Can you at least frickin pay for the damage? It was not like this before. And Home Advisor, of course, denied. I don't understand how $1,000,000,000 company cannot take any liability over their actions. How can you promote someone gets paid by sell diddly. So in that case, they took the homeowner's information, sold it to five contractors, make 500 bucks at the very least on their job.

And then when that contractor went rogue on the property, they did not take care of it.

Our job is to be the most reasonable player in a space. I want to do what's right for the contractor. I want to do what's wrong with the homeowner like whether it's a contractor going out of business. We have one right now. Took the money, went out of business, disconnected phones ever since. So we did a background check.

We had good reviews, but now nowhere to be found. He took $4,000 down payment and pretty much gone. So we're going to reimburse homeowner for grant. My loss would have to be a little bit more strict how we recruit contractor about our process. So we do check reviews. And by the way, not only when you apply the algorithm, we'll actually flag you once you start getting better reviews, because most contractors before they go out of business, they're going to have a lot of one star reviews.

Usually give you money. Six month ago, he's still not doing a job. So once your rating drops below 4.5, you're in the red list, you're in the alert. We're going to start reading them. What's going on with you? Because we don't want to keep recommending you. If you're going down, we're probably going to call you ask what's going on.

We have contractor right now who recently went through divorce. He's a nut job now, so he cannot figure like I've been in business for many, many years. But recently something happened and relationship personal, like things like marriage, divorce will affect you. Right. And, you know, stuff happens. So this contractor have $8,000 claim against Directorii and he's willing to do it.

He admits he's wrong. He doesn't have capacity to write a check, but he's going to pay us, I think, 1100 dollars per month for the next eight months. He wants to make it right. So our job is to make it right with a homeowner and contractor will reimburse us. And I'm not going to make a story of every case.

I remember a contractor calls me, he said he got money from the homeowner, five grand. He spent it on other stuff. He was robbing Peter to pay Paul. He said, I don't have money to pay them back and they requested a refund. What do I do? And I said, Do what? You can't pass money when you can take your time.

How much time do you think you need to come up with the money? He said a couple of months. Have a deal. Okay. I'm going to reimburse the homeowner. We're going to keep it quiet. But I appreciate that contractor calling me, sharing the story. I understand he's probably was embarrassed. I understand He doesn't want anyone to know it.

But our job is to make right with the homeowner. So I recommend you. You took the money you misspent you. You made a mistake. But I also don't give bad recommendations. We're going to work in it together. Guess what? If he pays me back, he's still going to be listed. I'm not going to kick him out because I really should.

Now I have to check on that one. It's been a couple of years. He might be still in Directorii. I mean, we have over 600 contractors. It's impossible to maintain all of them. Sometimes contractors are reasonable. Sometimes I'm not the only one who's managing accounts, so I just don't I don't follow. I don't. I don't remember his name.

Like, I can look it up and do a little investigation. I have a team in place who will look into that, who will make a decision if it's hard to like. I'm trying to figure out. Like many people don't realize, when you get in this type of business, we do background checks and a lot of contractors, they have drug issues resisting to arrest felonies on their records.

For me, when I have that call because it gets flagged in the system, so you have to manually prove them. The moment I talk to, as long as I can trust you. So let's say you have a busted with cocaine 12 years ago, but you're telling me you're a changed man. You've been in business for five years, you have a family and kids.

I don't remember that. Like, I don't remember that story. Like, it'll never go public till it comes from here. Just from you. You know, it's. We're a company of second chances. I want to give second chance everyone who's willing to fix their mistake and go on the problem in the industry is contractors. Who's running Ponzi schemes who are just bad people and those I will call you out until you tell me that you're going to change.

I think the only contractor who I publicly called out was the guy who lied to us, lied to my team, closed the doors, filed bankruptcy, told us he will give money. We gave homeowner $4,300. He filed bankruptcy. He was not bankrupt. He was just his crook. Yeah, and those. I will call out. Why? Because they will do it to someone else.

And now that guy actually decided to go and open marketing company and sell to roofers. I'm like, No, this is not cool. Like, I would never make a story out of it. If you're actually willing to fix your crap. His brand is integrity first, trust first. And that is why homeowners seek his companies out to see what recommendations he's going to give.

And they trust that that is very valuable. And what's more important is the type of customer is going that he has access to, that has his attention is your ideal customer. If you're a roofing contractor and understands business, that understands the value, that trust is in the process of getting this sale, then you need to sign up for Directorii.

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