How to Find The Best Date of Loss for Your Roof Claim

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The Date of  Loss is going to be the single most important variable to determine whether or not you have a great chance of helping out your client with their roof insurance claim, or whether or not it gets denied. Get it right, and your client will love you. Get it wrong, and that claim is guaranteed to get denied. Today, we're going to go over two free resources.

One of them is going to be for wind historic information, and the second one is going to be for hail information. I'm also going to give you two resources when it comes to the best place to get roof claim information. The best place to get your employees trained so that you can have a kick ass team and make sure that you're going into each and every roof claim with the highest likelihood of success.

Also, you'll get two bonus references. Let's get it!   For the free resource referencing wind, it's Weather Underground, but the url is Go to the website and on the top right hand corner you type in city, state, zip, address; whichever one you want. You're going to click on the tab for "History" and the history it's going to default to "Daily", but you want to switch it "Monthly".

You're trying to find the best date of loss by finding the strongest wind for the date within the statute of limitation. But, you have to narrow in. So you go from broad date range to narrow. In Memphis, Texas, there was a big windstorm that occurred February 26. Swith to monthly, boom, February 2023. Hit search or view. You would scroll down and notice that towards the end of the month, the 26th is the best Date of Loss.

We switch to "Daily" and notice towards the end of the day, holy jeez, around 9 p.m. right there, you've got the strongest wind. That's how you find the best Date of Loss for wind claims with the free option. With the paid option, you've got Hail Recon or Interactive Maps, which is a great resource. You're going to pay about $1,000 a year for the ability to search one State and $2,000 a year to get all of the weather information across the country.

Hail Recon has the most thorough information and reports. There's a lot of things you can do, but if you just want the free resource then use Weather Underground for your wind claims. For hail claims,, you go to the top right hand corner to type the address city state. I know that there's a lot of hail that occurs in Oklahoma so I typed that in. Scroll down and we're going to get the report, 13 hail reports for 2023. Scroll down even further and you want to choose the date with the biggest hail stones.

I'd say 1.75 inch hail stone is pretty good sized hail that'll do some crazy damage. So that's your free resource for hail claims. I want to also give you two resources when it comes to education, information and arming yourself with information that comes from the top of the food chain people. There's two people, and when it comes to residential claims, there's only one person and that's Matt Mulholland.

Listen to his podcasts, watch tons of his videos. He also teaches courses, Matt owns schools. Sign up for his courses and pay him whatever the heck he wants, because let me tell you, you're going to get all that back. Have your team members sign up for his schools and his classes. That's for residential, for commercial. It's going to be Andrew Behrens.

As you can see, boom, they do videos together. Look at all these videos. These people are experts. Whatever you pay them, you're going to get that back tenfold. The amount of value that you'll receive from those courses and your team will truly become experts at discovering roof damage. Here's how to contact Matt. Here's the phone number: 678-749-2383 Here's the email: and here's also some bonus reference information.

Contact John Senac, President of Name That Shingle ( And he's going to be an amazing resource. He knows a ton of information. Him and his team know about discontinued shingles, the type of shingles you come across. The insurance company is not motivated to tell you that you actually have a much more expensive shingle than what they're going to pay out. They're just going to pay for the basic 3 Tab

shingle, boom. Here you go. No. Or let's say they do approve the claim and it's architectural shingles. Then they're just going to pay out that. But what if it's a Class 4 Impact Resistant shingle? What if it's Da Vinci? What if it's a discontinued shingle and they only paid for a part of the roof? And you're in a state where they're supposed to pay for the entire roof?

So, look, I don't get involved that. Talk to Mat about details regarding the claim, but talk to John Senac when it comes to subjects like this. My second bonus resource is going to be because on future jobs that you sell, you do not want to rely on the limited warranty that the manufacturer provides. You're better off providing a $20,000 guarantee on that roof and you can do that through this resource right here:

The sooner that you get involved with your customer's roof claim, the higher likelihood of success that they're going to have with you being able to properly and successfully submit their roof storm damages to the insurance claim. See you in the next video.

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