Composite Spanish Barrel Tile Price Estimate

Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles Cost


4327 Mark Hays Ct. Tyler, TX 75709

Class C
Composite Spanish Barrel Roof Tile
Field Roof Tile - $165 per bundle
274 bundles
Composite Spanish Barrel Tile Hip, Ridge, Rake Roof Tile
Hip, Ridge, Rake Roof Tile - $10.40 each
505 pieces
Composite Spanish Barrel Hip Starter Roof Tile
Hip Starter Roof Tile - $11.70 each
Composite Lower Metal Eave Closure prevents debris, birds, and   rodents from entering the roof system at the eave.
Lower Metal Eave Closure- $6.80 each
565 pieces
Composite Spanish Barrel Upper Metal Closure
Upper Metal Closure- $4.16 each
Composite Spanish Barrel Universal Tile Vent Roll
Universal Tile Vent- $130 per roll
7 rolls
Composite Spanish Barrel Tile Universal Tile Flashing Roll
Universal Tile Flashing - $130 per roll
33 rolls
Screws for Composite Spanish Barrel Tile Roof System
Screws - $256.20 per 1200 count pack
7 bags
Screws - $140 per 100 count pack
Sales Tax
8.25% Sales Tax
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Freight Cost
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