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Think of us as the Amazon of roofing materials. Order online and get Free Shipping.

The Roof Store is your online bulk roofing materials distributor helping intelligent roofing companies increase their profit margin using proprietary channels unique only to The Roof Store; providing busy roofing companies a transformative impact to their profit margins while at the same time fueling your competitive advantage in a crowded roofing industry.

The roofing materials distribution industry needs to embrace transparency. The current business model could have 20 roofing contractors potentially having 20 different prices. There isn't a way to justify why each of the roofing companies have the prices they are given. It could be because they have a good relationship with someone on the inside, or it could be because they threatened to switch to a different roofing distributor, or any other random reason. The Roof Store has a simple and transparent price structure:

  1. Bulk Pricing with very reasonable minimums.

We have a modest target for the gross profit margin on specific products and we set the price based on the formula. We set the price and provide you our lowest and best price up-front, with full transparency.

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