Free Shipping - What It Includes, What It Does Not Include

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Free shipping. What is it? What does it include and what it does not include? Let's get into it.

The Roof Store continues to disrupt the roofing industry by providing bulk pricing with reasonable minimums and giving you Free Shipping. The free shipping comes in the form of curbside delivery. As you're placing your order and you get to the checkout page, there's going to be a question. Please answer: “Yes”, If you have a forklift or “No”, If you don't have a forklift. If you do, great, then your order is going to be delivered sometime between 9 a.m. 3 p.m. and it may or may not have liftgate service.

If you don't have a forklift, then we're going to make sure that your delivery is scheduled with a delivery driver and a delivery truck that is going to have and be able to give you liftgate service. Liftgate service is going to be important because since you don't have a forklift, you're not going to have the ability nor the help to properly unload those very heavy pallets of nails down from the delivery truck. So, The Roof Store pays extra to have the liftgate delivery service for your location.

The delivery driver delivers the freight from many different companies. It doesn't just deliver the roofing materials for us. Blow, You has two main tools helping him make the deliveries. One of them is the lift gate, which is operating now, Braulio. They don't come to your location to deliver with forklifts. Just liftgate and pallet jack. Braulio doesn't have a second person to help him. Just me by myself.

He has to be efficient with his efforts and his time because he's got to unload a bunch of other stuff to different locations, so he'll park as close as he can to the address. As long as what? As long as it's accessible. Right. Yeah. As long as we're able to get close and Oh, and look. Commercial deliveries consist of dropping off the pallets, either by unloading them at your dock, or curbside.

As long as there aren't any uneven surfaces. See something like this? Right. That is uneven, but. But the load is not that heavy. So if it was pretty heavy, you wouldn't be able to put it up there, right? Nope.

So let's say you go into a place and the lane things are busy and they're kind of preventing you from moving on throughout your day. What happens there? How many minutes can you wait? We can't be there too long. You know, if you're busy with the forklift, I'll get it down, you know, get things moving along. But we can't be there too long.

What are some of the most unreasonable requests you've ever had? I've had one where they wanted me to put a 500 pound grill in the backyard on grass. Gravel like this, Jack is handy, but the smallest pebble or the smallest piece of wood, it'll stop it in its tracks. So, it must be level for it to move. What about unpacking or installation?

We don't install anything. We just provide the delivery service. You know, curbside delivery. But yeah, so far as installing or packaging, we don't we don't do that.

Number one way to make sure that you avoid any extra fees, make sure that there are no typos on the address, no typos on the street number.

Please make sure that no typos anywhere. We want you to get your great pricing without any extra fees, but it makes it very difficult if you don't put the correct information on there. And then the trucks get dispatched, they go to the wrong address. That poses a problem. And there are extra fees for all of that. So don't make any mistakes.

Read over your information before you hit submit so that you don't have to pay anything extra on mistakes that can be avoided. I hope all of this information on free shipping and curbside delivery has been helpful to you. Let me know how I can continue to serve you at the highest level, and we want to make sure that you have the best experience at the store.  See you on the next video

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