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Josh Hadden, The Roof Joker, received his bulk roofing materials order and he was so happy he shared his thoughts with the YouTube roofing community.  Josh Hadden owns the roofing company, The Roof Joker, serving the greater Austin area and has over 245 Google Reviews (5 Stars).

I am Josh Hadden, and I am The Roof Joker. We just had a delivery from The Roof Store. We got a couple of pallets of 1 1/4 inch coil roofing nails. We got a pallet of plastic cap nails. We got some roofing sealant and some Bullet Boots. And I think Thursday they delivered a pallet of pre painted IPS 3N1 Galvanized Base. All of these items were at least half the price that I pay at the supply house or even at Home Depot.

This is either increasing my margins on most jobs or it's allowing me to give a discount to get the roof job, maybe make a sale that I wouldn't have made before. I actually found out about The Roof Store. I was flipping through Facebook and I saw Dimitri Lipinskiy doing a video on Roofing Insights and thought, I've got to check this out.

This sounds too good to be true. It wasn't too good to be true. The stuff's here. It looks great. Very happy and excited to be able to save some money and take care of more roofing customers.

Order 1 1/4 inch Coil Roofing Nails for $27 per box

Order 1 inch Cap Nails for $10 per box

Order IPS 3N1 Galvanized base for $4 per box

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