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Bullet Products, yeah!

You already know the Bullet Boot in 1 ½ inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch; but you probably know about limited color choices.  We’re going to have the Bullet Boot in all of the colors for as low as $14.82 each: White, Brown, Gray, Black, Weathered Wood (not just weathered wood, terracotta and black).

They also have Bullet Boots for your flat roofs. We have the Bullet Boot TPO. It’s not going to have an angle like the Bullet Boot and you’ll be able to weld it to your flat roof system.

We also carry the Bullet Boot California Boot. The California Bullet Boot is not necessarily for the Texas market, but mostly for the California market. If you find yourself as a roofing salesperson where you identify an odd fit or pipe, call me/text me/email me/ whichever you prefer and I’ll help you identify the Bullet Product or Bullet Boot you need for your roof project.

This Bullet Product is the Bullet Gooseneck Vent and is available in three different sizes: 8 inches, 10 inches, and for tile roofs: a height of 12.5 inches. The Bullet Gooseneck Vent is available in all of the different colors also available in the Bullet Boot. You don’t have to paint the Bullet Gooseneck Vent.

If you would please stand on top of the Bullet Gooseneck Vent and we’ll do a demonstration.

The idea is to be productive and experience the convenience of not having to drive back if your roof accessories arrive dented or damaged from your supplier. You don’t inconvenience the client by driving back and forth losing the confidence and trust you worked so hard to earn from your roof customer.

The Bullet Gooseneck Vent can double not only as a stove vent when you have the mesh inserted, but also as a dryer vent when you remove the mesh. To remove the mesh, you put your hand through the base of the Bullet Gooseneck Vent and push the plastic mesh out.

The only Bullet Product that has limited color availability, basically only available in white, is the Bullet Boot TPO for your flat roofs. Even though you are only limited to white with the Bullet Boot TPO, you are more than happy to paint it any color your client wants.

What is the material used to construct the Bullet Gooseneck Vent?

The Bullet Gooseneck vent is made from Polypropylene Carbonate, which is a type of thermoplastic elastomer.

There are two types of Bullet Stealth Vents and each are available in two different profiles: Low profile and tall profile. There is the Bullet Stealth Off Ridge Vent in low and tall profile and also the Bullet Stealth 2 Off Ridge Vent available in low and tall profile. The one shown in this video is the low profile Bullet Stealth 2. I’m waiting for the Bullet Stealth sample.  The Bullet Stealth is wider than the Bullet Stealth 2. The detailed information, installation instructions, specifications, net free area,  is on the website (


The Bullet Stealth and the Bullet Stealth 2 have the built in cricket, the flashing.

What is the main difference between the Bullet Stealth and the Bullet Stealth 2?

The main difference is the Bullet Stealth is 39 inches wide and the Bullet Stealth 2 is 24 inches wide.

The Net Free Area for the Bullet Stealth 2 (low profile) is: 27

The Net Free Area for the Bullet Stealth 2 (Tall profile) is: 31

The Net Free Area for the Bullet Stealth (low profile) is: 47

The Net Free Area for the Bullet Stealth (tall profile) is: 62

The best application for the Bullet Stealth and Bullet Stealth 2 products are hip roofs that don’t have too much ridge linear feet availability and therefore prevent the installation of ridge vents.

Joel and his team are a great example of high standards in the roofing industry.  It's a pleasure to team up with TrueWorks Roofing to introduce Bullet Boot, Bullet Boot TPO, Bullet Gooseneck Vent, and the rest of the Bullet Products to property owners that prioritize their roof project. To contact TrueWorks Roofing, call 713-903-7663 or visit at: 8566 Katy Fwy Suite 122, Houston, TX 77024

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