Brava composite tile roof systems are more durable than traditional Spanish clay tiles, slate, and cedar shake roofs. 30 square minimum order.

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Lead time: 7 weeks to delivery. Brava composite roofing systems are made from post-industrial recycled polyethylene, making them almost unbreakable.




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Please don't order less than 30 squares.

. We ship throughout the United States. We sell to roofing contractors and property owners (commercial and residential).

Brava composite roofing systems are comprised of three product lines: Brava Cedar Shake, Brava Slate Roofing Tile, and Brava Spanish Barrel Tile. The Roof Store is an authorized stocking distributor for Brava, which means you have the most direct access to the best quality composite roof systems.

The colors and texture of the Brava composite tiles occurs throughout all of the tile, not just the exterior. The Brava Spanish Barrel Tile comes in 13 colors. The Brava Cedar Shake is available in 11 colors. The Brava Slate Roofing Tile sells in 11 colors.

The 3 Brava Composite Roofing Systems have a very low carbon footprint

The Roof Store partnered with Brava because composite materials in the roofing industry are important to sustainability efforts and Brava has the best quality and manufacturing standards of the roofing systems made from recycled materials.

The Roof Store stocks Brava roofing systems

Brava is unique in the sense that, not only is made from recycled plastics, but the roof itself is recyclable if or when the homeowner wants to change the Brava roof in the future.

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