Brava Composite Roof Systems Ordering Template

We ship Brava Spanish Barrel, Brava Slate, and Brava Cedar Shake composite roof systems nationwide

Brava Spanish Barrel Top Ridge

$ 11.17 USD
Coverage: 13.50 Standard Coverage and 13 inches for High Wind

Brava Spanish Barrel Ridge Closure

$ 3.24 USD
Coverage: 11.75 inches

Brava Spanish Barrel Rake Edge

$ 8.38 USD
Coverage: 13.5 Standard Coverage and 13 inches for High Wind

Brava Spanish Barrel Hip Caps

$ 9.83 USD
Coverage: 13.5 inches for Standard Coverage and 13 inches for High Wind

Brava Spanish Barrel Eave Starter

$ 3.13 USD
Coverage: 11.75 inches Coverage

Brava Spanish Barrel Bull Nose Hip Starter

$ 20.75 USD
Coverage: 1 piece per every hip.
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Brava composite roofing systems are 80% lighter than traditional Spanish clay tiles and slate roofing tiles. Brava Cedar Shake doesn't pose a fire hazard the way traditional cedar shake roofs do.

Blending of Tiles

It is recommended that the installer load the roof with tiles out all the pallets, rather than from a single pallet to achieve the desired blending. Good blending is the responsibility of the installer.

Snow Guards

Due to the textured surface of the tiles, snow may slide off rather easily. The need for snow guards will increase in areas with above average snowfall. Be sure to follow the snow guard manufacturer’s installation specifications for the correct spacing, and always refer to local building code requirements.

Debris Removal

In areas of hips and valleys where increased occurrences of cutting tile become necessary, for safety reasons and to keep the cuttings from stopping up the gutters and down spouts, it is recommended that these areas are swept off and the cuttings removed from the roof surface.

Composite Roof Choices

Our mission is to be a valued resource to your roofing organization and because we stand behind our pledge we want to confidently inform you of other products aside from the ones we sell.

There are other companies competing with Brava by making composite roof systems, among them: F-Wave Roofing and Euroshield.

F-Wave Roofing makes a hand-split shake look and a slate look. F-Wave does not make a Spanish clay tile alternative. F-Wave Roofing, for example has their system made from TPO material. It takes 6 of their bundles to cover 1 square (100 square feet). F-Wave product is much more expensive. The technology they use for printing on their material appears to print at a very low resolution. The F-Wave personnel have said that the printing resolution shouldn't matter because the F-Wave low-resolution printing is on the roof and will not be noticeable from the curb. The color is not throughout the entire product (Brava's color technology is throughout the composite roof system of all three product lines).

F-Wave's impact resistance is good and their product has earned a Class 4 rating (the highest impact resistant classification). F-Wave product's self-healing feature is a good idea, but some reviews have opined that it leans towards the gimmick more than a feature.

Euroshield makes different slate and shake looking systems. Euroshield does not make a Spanish Barrel Tile roof. Euroshield products are made from recycled tires. The Euroshield Vermont Slate (also the Hail Proof), Beaumont Shake and the product pricing is the product that compares most in price with Brava Slate.  

The look of the Euroshield slate is very realistic, just like Brava Slate. There is opinion that Euroshield is far better looking than F-Wave's attempt at slate. Compared to Brava, the Euroshield slate is head-to-head competition. Where the Brava Roofing System might have an edge on Euroshield is in two areas, smell and color darkening over time.

Smell: I'll get right to the point, the Euroshield products smell like tires and we've been told the smell takes a while to go away. If you are ok with the smell of tires, then go ahead and compare Euroshield's slate product to Brava's Slate Tiles.

Euroshield Color Darkens Over Time: The Euroshield colors options (except the black) on all of their line up; Beaumont Shake, Ranchlands Shake, Vermont Slate, Vermont Slate HP, and Rundle Slate, darken over time. The customers choose a color, and years later, the color would most likely change by becoming darker.

The people at Euroshield are nice and knowledgeable. Euroshield sells their products directly to homeowners and roofing contractors. Euroshield ships their product from their Canadian plant to the project site. If you do choose Euroshield, consider giving the business to: David Summerly. We've known him for several years and is detail oriented.

Brava's per square price is better than F-Wave and some of the Euroshield Slate products. Brava doesn't smell like tires and doesn't change colors over time. Brava's color is throughout the material, not just on the visible exterior portions.

Choosing your composite roof system is up to you and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. We help you with the materials list and quantities for your specific roof project and The Roof Store ships Brava roofing systems throughout the continental United States. We hope you choose us as your roofing materials distributor.

Cold Weather Installation

It is recommended that Spanish tiles not be installed in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Special consideration should be given for cold weather installation regarding items such as ice and water shield or felt underlayment. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation requirements for all other applications and to refer to local building code requirements.

Note of Caution: The tiles can be slick and safety methods need to be enforced.

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