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Order the vents needed for your Brava composite roof. Buy dryer vents, stove vents, attic ventilation, and more.

The RidgeVent20

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Venting the Brava roof comprises of a combination of venting needs. Attics need proper ventilation for the roof to last to the expected lifetime. The vents needed for dryer vents do not need the protective mesh as the kitchen hood vents.

The information below is from the installation standards necessary to meet compliance in order to qualify for the Brava Warranty.

Vent Flashings

Normal type of stacks and flashings can be used. A lead stack vent flashing for plumbing pipes is recommended. Permanent types of materials should always be used.

Roof Venting

For every 300 feet of attic floor space, you will need one (1) square foot opening in the roof. Fifty percent (50%) of this

needs to be at the eave line. Venting is important and needs to be thought out thoroughly.

NOTE: If screening is involved, opening areas should be doubled.

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