Brava Spanish Barrel Tile

Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles cost $505.80 per square plus accessories. Brava Spanish Barrel Tile is the alternative to heavy and fragile Spanish Clay Tiles.

Brava Spanish Barrel Tile

Synthetic Spanish Roof Tiles cost $505.80 per square plus accessories. Brava Spanish Barrel Tile is the alternative to heavy and fragile Spanish Clay Tiles.

Brava Spanish Barrel Tile
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Brava Spanish Barrel Tile

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30 pieces per bundle. Please don't order less than 30 squares. The post-industrial recycled polyethylene Brava Spanish Barrel tile roof is 80% lighter than traditional Spanish clay tile roofs. Trust that it will never crack with hail impact or with mechanical damage. It will also never discolor or wear out as other roof systems do. Class 4 Impact resistant. Direct to Deck or Batten System is perfectly fine. Lead time is 3 months. High UV is for altitudes over 6,000 feet in elevation.

Coverage: 3 Bundles Per Square (90 pieces per square)
Per Bundle
$ 168.60 USD
(as low as

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Headwall Closure must be requested if it is needed for your project ($3.37 per piece) not included in estimate.

$5.42 per piece

Weight per Piece: 2.85 pounds

Pieces per Bundle: 30

Bundles per Square: 3

Pieces per Square: 90 (with standard wind coverage) 13 1/2 inch exposure

Pieces per Square: 97 (with high wind coverage) 13 inch exposure

Pounds per Square: 256 pounds

Height: 16 1/2 inches

Width: 13 inches

Squares per Pallet: 6 squares

Pallet Measurements: 48” x 40” x 60”

Pallet Weight: approximately 1700lbs

Pallets per Truck Load: 24 pallets

Impact Rating: Class 4 (the highest rating)

Eave Closure/Starter: 11 3/4 inches Length, 3 inches Width (0.6 pounds)

Ridge Closure: 11 3/4 inches Length, 2 1/2 inches Width (0.5 pounds)

Bull Nose / Hip Starter: 17 1/2 inches Length, 7 3/4 inches x 8 3/4 inches Width (3.5 pounds)

Hip Ridge: 17 1/2 inches Length, 8 1/4 inches x 9 inches Width (3.2 pounds)

Top Ridge: 17 inches Length, 10 inches x 10 3/8 inches Width (3.5 pounds)

Rake Edge: 16 inches, 5 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches Width (2.9 pounds)

Brava Spanish Barrel Tile is the most sustainable Spanish tile alternative in existence today. 50 year warranty outshines the competition because it is also Miami/Dade County approvals. Other companies don't dare use a third party company to test their products, but Brava does 3rd party testing to prove they are the best.

Available colors at The Roof Store are: Aged Mission, Antigua Clay, Arendale, Autumn, Black Brown Blend, French Clay, Green, Mediterranean, New Aged Terra Cotta, Onyx, Sonoma, Terra Cotta, Terra Cotta Brown, Tuscan Clay.

You have the opportunity to choose between standard wind resistant warranty and high wind resistance warranty. Standard wind coverage of up to 88 miles per hour. High wind warranty is rated for up to 110 miles per hour

The Brava Spanish Barrel Tile has two choices for fire rating. You may choose between Class A and Class C fire resistance.

Working Saw will be used to cut the tiles with a blade normally used for wood.


  • Brava Spanish tiles can be hand nailed
  • Brava Spanish tiles can be fastened with screws to achieve higher wind specs
  • Brava Spanish tiles can be cut with a standard skill saw

Fastener Requirements

Brava Spanish Tile should be installed with two corrosion resistant fasteners, such as stainless-steel type (304 or 316), hot dipped zinc coated, copper or corrosion resistant ring shank roofing nails with a 3/8” diameter head and long enough to penetrate through the sheathing.

Caution should always be used to insure against over/under penetrations. In areas that experience high humidity or other severe climatic conditions, considerations should be given to using stainless-steel fasteners and high-grade accessories.


Ice and Water Shield

  • Single layer of 36 mil rubberized asphalt on 4 mil polyethylene carrier sheet
  • A 36" wide sheet in all valleys is recommended
  • 1 row of 36" wide along all eaves, lap end joints 6" and side joints 3" extended 3' inside the plate line
  • Apply around all dormers, roof projections, skylights, etc.
  • Always refer to your local building codes


  • Asphalt saturated felt which meets requirements of ASTM D226
  • Referred to as 30 lb. felt and without perforations
  • Secured with ¾” long galvanized roofing nails
  • For Class A Fire rating installation: One layer of GAF VersaShield Fire-Resistant Deck Protection (ESR-2053) in addition to required self-adhered membrane.

Roof Decking Materials

Solid Deck

  • Minimum of 15/32" CDX plywood deck or equal


Valleys (Minimum Recommendations)

  • 16 oz. Copper
  • 24 - 26 ga. Corrosion resistant metal (Stainless Steel, Color Clad Steel, Color Clad Aluminum)

Eaves, Gables

  • Eave Drip Starter Strips
  • Gable Edge Strips

Roof Venting

  • For every 300 feet of attic floor space, you will need one (1) square foot opening in the roof. Fifty percent (50%) of this needs to be at the eave line. Venting is important and needs to be thought out thoroughly.

NOTE: If screening is involved, opening areas should be doubled.

Cold Weather Installation

It is recommended that Spanish tiles not be installed in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Special consideration should be given for cold weather installation regarding items such as ice and water shield or felt underlayment. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation requirements for all other applications and to refer to local building code requirements.

Snow Guards

Due to the textured surface of the tiles, snow may slide off rather easily. The need for snow guards will increase in areas with above average snowfall. Be sure to follow the snow guard manufacturer’s installation specifications for the correct spacing, and always refer to local building code requirements.

Debris Removal

In areas of hips and valleys where increased occurrences of cutting tile become necessary, for safety reasons and to keep the cuttings from stopping up the gutters and down spouts, it is recommended that these areas are swept off and the cuttings removed from the roof surface.

Fastening Pattern

All tiles will be secured with two fasteners, as per Brava Tiles’ instructions. Two fasteners will be used on the pre-marked nail hole indicators for a 13.5” exposure.

Blending of Tiles

It is recommended that the installer load the roof with tiles out all the pallets, rather than from a single pallet to achieve the desired blending. Good blending is the responsibility of the installer.

Cool Roof Products

Cool Roof products are products that have enhanced solar reflectance and thermal emittance properties. These roofs help to keep your building cooler and increase efficiency from your HVAC system by reflecting sunlight away from a structure and preventing heat from penetrating the building below. Brava's products meet the requirements of both ENERGY STAR andTitle 24 which is critical for California residents.

Terra Cotta - T24 CRRC ID#: 1312-0001 Initial SR: 0.37 Aged SR: 0.33 Initial TE: 0.89 Aged TE: 0.89 Initial SRI: 41 Aged SRI: 35 (compliant).

French Clay - T24 CRRC ID#: 1312-0002 Initial SR: 0.33 Aged SR: 0.33 Initial TE: 0.88 Aged TE: 0.88 Initial SRI: 35 Aged SRI: 35 (compliant).

Woodland CRRC ID#: 1374-0001 Initial SR: 0.30 Aged SR: 0.28 Initial TE: 0.92 Aged TE: 0.90 Initial SRI: 33 Aged SRI: 29 (compliant).

50 Year Limited Warranty

This is a limited manufacturer’s warranty, which, subject to the terms and conditions herein described, Brava Roof Tile (herein after “Brava”) extends to all original property owners of Brava roofing shingles (the “Products”) regardless of where the owner purchased the Products.

Limited Warranty

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations set forth below, Brava warrants to the original owner of the property on which the Products are installed, and to any party to whom such owner transfers ownership as permitted herein, for a period of 50 years after installation, that the Products have been manufactured free from defects that materially affect performance when subjected to normal and proper use.


This warranty is transferrable by the original owner only. To be a valid transfer: 1) the original owner and subsequent buyer shall fill out and mail the Warranty Transfer (attached) within thirty (30) days of the transfer of the property on which the Products have been installed; and 2) shall pay a $100.00 transfer fee. The warranty is not transferable a second time.


Brava assumes the obligation, in its sole discretion, to either: A) provide replacement products and installation costs to repair the affected portions of the roof, or B) refund the original purchase price of the Products, excluding freight and other related costs. In the event Brava selects Option A, installation costs shall include labor, flashing, metal work, underlayment, shingle disposal, and other related costs, provided however, that Brava’s obligation to pay said installation costs shall not exceed the prevailing local rates, or $350 per one hundred square feet, whichever is lower. Furthermore, Brava reserves the right to approve the selection of any contractor enlisted by the Owner to perform the repair work. Notwithstanding the foregoing, one hundred and twenty (120) months from the date of installation of the Products, Brava’s sole responsibility shall be the issuance of a refund, which amount shall be a percentage of the original purchase price of the Products, which percentage shall be determined by dividing the number of months remaining in the warranty period by 600. Brava’s refund after 120 months from the date of installation specifically excludes installation costs and other related costs. Any claim and/or replacement of Brava products will not extend the warranty period set forth above. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, no benefit under this warranty shall accrue to any owner and Brava shall incur no liability under this warranty unless and until the Products have been paid for in full by owner or its predecessor in title.

Insurable Risks

Before any coverage shall apply under this warranty, in the event of damage to Products caused by any insurable risk during the warranty period, the owner must first exhaust all efforts to pursue the cost of replacement or repair of all damaged Products through the owner’s insurance coverage. Any costs incurred by the owner in excess of the insurance contributed by any source of insurance reimbursements (excluding insurance deductibles), will be reimbursed by Brava only to the extent such costs are otherwise permitted pursuant to this warranty.

Customer Responsibilities

To be a valid warranty, the original owner must complete the attached Registration of Limited Warranty within thirty (30) day s of the completion of installation of the Products. For any alleged warranty claims, the warranty claimant must notify Brava in writing within sixty (60) days after discovery of any manufacturing defect or covered damage. The warranty claimant must include proof of purchase (or proof of warranty transfer in accordance with this warranty), and proof of property ownership, along with such notice. Failure to timely notify Brava of any defect or damage shall nullify this warranty.


This warranty does not apply to, and Brava shall not be liable for:

1. Damage to the roofing product due to causes beyond normal service and use, including, but not limited to:

  • a. Wind velocities greater than 80 or 110 mph depending on installation method. (High wind applications are available
  • in excess of 110 mph, but will require a high wind specification warranty.)
  • b. Impact of foreign objects (including without limitation tree branches), hail in greater diameter than 1 ½” as determined
  • by the National Weather Bureau, earthquake, flood, lightning, hurricane, tornado or other casualty or act of God.
  • c. Improper storage or misuse of the Products.
  • d. Vandalism.

2. Damage to the Products caused by alterations made after completion of the application, including, but not limited to,

structural changes, equipment installation, painting or the application of cleaning solutions, coatings, or other modifications.

3. Improper installation or installation not in strict adherence to Brava’s written installation instructions.

4. Installation of Products while the temperature is less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Damage or loss caused by ice backup, ice damming or snow slides.

6. By any failure of materials used as a base or sheathing over which the roof or Products are applied.

7. Damage to the Products caused by movement, distortion, cracking or settling of the roof deck caused by the settlement of

the building.

8. Discoloration due to: exposure to chemicals, paints, solvents, or metals including copper, zinc or any other metal that might

discolor; shading or sap from trees, bushes, plants or natural vegetation; or algae, fungi, insects, animals, lichen or cyan


9. Discoloration or damage related to chimney exhaust (including, but not limited to, ash).

10. Inadequate roof drainage.

11. Distortion or warping related to additional or unusual heat sources, including without limitation reflections from windows or

metallic surfaces, or heat buildup caused by non-compliance with local building codes covering roof ventilation (compliant

ventilation shall include, at a minimum, compliance with 2006 IRC Section R806.1 and R806.2).

12. Damage resulting from foot traffic or from accessing the roof for construction, maintenance, or repair activities involving equipment or features including, without limitation, chimneys, ventilations systems, HVAC systems, satellite dishes, or antennae.

13. Any maintenance, repair or replacement to the Products not authorized in advance by Brava.

14. Any other cause not involving inherent manufacturing defects in the materials supplied by Brava.



Brava’s Products are engineered to the highest available standards to resist color fading, however, the color of materials subjected to elements of the outdoor environment may weather over time. The degree of weathering depends on a number of factors specific to the geographic area in which the materials are installed. This warranty shall cover, for any claim that is reported within ten (10) years from the date the Products were installed, any fading which is greater than four (4) Hunter units, as determined in accordance with ASTM D2244, beyond what is typical of roofing materials installed in the geographic region where the Products are installed. In the event the change in color exceeds four (4) Hunter units but does not exceed, in Brava’s sole discretion, what is typical for the geographic area or a claim is made more than ten (10) years from the date the Products were installed, this warranty shall not apply. In the event a claim for fading is covered under this warranty, the provisions of the “Remedy” section shall apply.

Replacement Variations

Brava reserves the right to discontinue or modify any of its roofing products, including the color thereof without notice to the owner and shall not be liable to the owner as a result of any such discontinuation or modification. In addition, Brava shall not be liable in the event the replacement roofing product may vary in color in comparison to the original roofing product as a result of normal weathering or variations in color within a single batch or between batches (including between materials manufactured at different times.) If Brava replaces any roofing product under this warranty, it may substitute roofing product designed by Brava to be of comparable quality or price range in the event the original roofing product purchased is no longer available.

Terms and Conditions

Brava’s liability to the owner of the Products shall also be subjected to the following terms and conditions; a) Products have been installed strictly in accordance with all applications instructions as per Brava s written application instructions; b) the registration certificate must be completed, signed by the installing contractor and returned to Brava within thirty (30) days after the completion of the installation; c) claims under warranty will be honored if submitted by registered or certified mail to Brava Roof , PO Box 484, Washington, IA 52353 within sixty (60) days following the discovery of any defect covered by this warranty, with specific details in writing, and provided Brava or its agent are permitted a commercially reasonable opportunity to examine and analyze the material claimed to be defective. Brava may require the owner to submit, at the owner’s expense, a photograph or a sample of the defective material for analysis; d) an authorized representative of Brava shall approve of such claim in writing.



Dispute Resolution

This warranty shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of Iowa. Any dispute arising from this warranty shall be resolved in the District Court of Johnson County, Iowa. Owner hereby agrees that it will not contest the jurisdiction of the District Court for Johnson County, Iowa to resolve any dispute related to this warranty.


• Within 30 days of real estate transfer date, mail to Brava Roof Tile, Attn: Warranty Transfer, P.O. Box 484, Washington, IA 52353

• Include one hundred dollars ($100.00) warranty transfer fee. Send check or money order only, payable to Brava Roof Tile.

To: Homeowner's Associations

How Homeowners Associations Can Benefit from the Authentic Advantages of Synthetic Roofing Materials

By: Adam Brantman

CEO, Brava Roof Tile


There are over 370,000 homeowners associations in the U.S., representing more than 40 million households. Or, put another way, 58% of homeowners in the nation. That’s a lot of homes and a lot of roofs. Every HOA is different, with its own set of regulations and guidelines. Roofing covers approximately 40% of a home’s exterior and, in addition to providing aesthetic value, roofing plays a significant role in protecting a home against the elements. Ensuring a roof is up for the job is not only critical for the property’s appearance, but it’s equally important for protecting the home and valuables from outside forces such as extreme winds, hurricanes, hail, snow, rain, UV impact, and fire.  

For these reasons and more, it is critical to consider looking beyond traditional roofing materials and taking a closer look at synthetics. A smart alternative, synthetic roofing materials have effectively revolutionized the world of exterior design by providing an eco-friendly option that delivers a whole new level of performance, durability, and longevity with excellent resistance to severe weather. In this white paper, we’ll look at the effects of weather on roofing and how synthetic roofing tiles effectively respond to the challenge.

Keeping Strength Top of Mind  

Synthetic roofing materials typically contain impact modifiers to help withstand storm and weather damage. Extremely durable, they are certified for Class 4 impact resistance, which is the highest level roofing materials can achieve, and offer protection from hail, rain, ice, and debris. Made from a variety of composites, including rubber, plastic, polymers, fiberglass, and asphalt, synthetic roofing tiles provide the color, look, and texture of natural materials such as slate and wood, yet are proven to be stronger, fire-resistant, UV fade-resistant, and easier to maintain. They also boast a significantly longer life expectancy and can include a 50-year warranty.

Standing Up to Mother Nature

When exposed to continual sunlight and UV rays, asphalt and natural wood tiles fade over time, losing their original color sharpness. However, synthetic tiles do not naturally degrade over time because UV protection is built into each tile. What’s more, they are an eco-friendly solution because synthetic materials don’t deplete natural resources, such as quarries for slate, or lumber for wood shakes. Synthetic roofing materials are a great option, not only for their green capabilities, but also because they can mirror the look of materials such as wood, slate, concrete, terra-cotta, and more.

Durability That Lasts

Synthetic roofing tiles are often less expensive than most traditional options and can cost less to install. There’s nothing fake about the performance of synthetic roofing tiles, too. Because of the nature of the material, they are far more durable and guaranteed to arrive undamaged. Synthetic roofing tiles also require significantly less maintenance than their natural alternatives.    

Real Curb Appeal

A property’s value increases with its appeal, durability, and overall longevity.  For an HOA, this is especially important when attracting new residents. To that point, synthetic shingles bring better value for homes and greater curb appeal for HOAs by offering options that are just as aesthetically and architecturally pleasing as asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, slate, shake, and clay tiles. A special molding process is used to create tiles that meet the look of natural materials but are far stronger. Some manufacturers even match virtually any solid color or utilize an innovative multi-coloring process to blend Spanish tile, slate, or shake colors together to produce variation throughout the entire tile, matching the authentic look of their natural counterparts.

Winds of Change

Every year, the U.S. endures numerous storms, including hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical cyclones, flooding, winter storms, and other extraordinary weather events. Even damaging hail is on the upswing. While scientists debate why these storms occur, no one argues that they cause extensive property damage. A lot of states are all too familiar with the costly effects of severe weather, including Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas. In the last 20 years, Florida alone has been hit by 79 hurricanes. As a result, building codes throughout Florida have undergone significant changes, particularly to High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZs), specifically in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Many other states reference the requirements set in the Florida Building Codes (FBC) or have developed their own requirements.

Calm in the Storm

Synthetic roofing tiles have been extensively tested and, in addition to being certified for Class 4 impact resistance, they also meet Miami-Dade County acceptance for high-velocity hurricane winds, proving that the roofing tiles can withstand hurricane-force winds. In fact, independent laboratory testing has confirmed that some synthetic roofing tiles can exceed the 156 mph winds of a Category 5 hurricane. 

Unrivaled Performance When the Heat Is On

Dry weather mixed with strong winds is the perfect recipe for wildfires. According to Verisk’s 2019 Wildfire Risk Analysis, some 4.5 million U.S. homes were identified at high or extreme risk of wildfire, with more than 2 million in California alone. Unfortunately, the prediction of extreme wildfires increasing happened shortly thereafter. For example, in September 2020, the governor of California declared an emergency proclamation for the counties of Napa, Sonoma, and Shasta due to the Glass and Zogg fires, which burned tens of thousands of acres, destroyed homes, and caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents. A month later, the Glass Fire in Napa County and Sonoma County burned about 67,500 acres and destroyed 1,555 structures; 70,000 residents of Sonoma and Napa counties were ordered to evacuate, including the entire city of Calistoga in Napa Valley.

With the occurrence of wildfires growing, it makes more sense than ever to help protect homes with synthetic roofing tiles that won’t promote flame spread. Designed with high fire resistance, synthetic roof tiles can self-extinguish and create minimal heat transfer, preventing the spread of flames across the surface of the roof. As a result, the potential for wildfires in dry areas across the United States increases the value of a roof made of fire-resistant synthetic roofing tiles. Synthetic tiles are Class A Fire rated, which is the highest fire rating available for a roof. A roofing product that has Class A Fire rating must meet three requirements. These include the ability to resist spreading of flames on surface, ability to resist fire penetration from the exterior to the underside of the rock deck, and ability to resist recurring intermittent flame. In many cases, the only homeowners experiencing peace of mind are those who made the investment in Class A synthetic roofing tiles. 

Getting Approval from an HOA to Replace Roofing

While an HOA will not usually prevent homeowners from getting a new roof, they will have certain rules in place pertaining to the style, color options, and materials that can be used. To that point, homeowners need to familiarize themselves with their local HOA standards. If they fail to ask for approval before having a roof replaced, they may end up breaking HOA rules, and the board could force the homeowner to redo the work. Homeowners should start with getting a copy of the most up-to-date Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Then, review the document and the specific guidelines for roofing material and colors before making any decisions regarding the new roof. Next, they should fill out any necessary forms due to their HOA before proceeding with any actions. Having a sample of the roofing material and plans from the contractor will help the HOA decide as well. The contractor should also be kept in the loop and know of any changes in timelines for approval and the start of the project.

The Bottom Line on Synthetic Roofing

The ultimate shield to protect any home or building, synthetic roofing tiles are designed to meet the highest standards for wind, fire, and impact. They are beautiful, virtually maintenance-free, lightweight, sustainable, highly durable, and can also be affordable. Today’s manufacturers of synthetic roofing tiles offer a wide variety of styles that fit nearly any house and style. For HOAs looking to maintain property values and keep homes looking great, it’s time to consider synthetic roofing.

Brava Spanish Barrel Tile Review

The Roof Store is a stocking distributor for Brava roofing systems.  The Roof Store also ships Brava roof systems Nationwide across the continental United States. On our website,, you have a great tool that allows you to order your Brava roofing system as an ordering template. By using this ordering template, you will never forget any component from your roof project order. 

Brava Roof Tiles makes three different types of composite roof tiles. 

  1. Brava Spanish barrel tile
  2. Brava old world slate
  3. Brava Cedar Shake

 Many cities don't use traditional cedar shake roofs because many city ordinances and homeowners associations have deemed it a fire hazard and will not allow cedar shakes within their jurisdiction.  The cedar shake look continues to be in high demand, so Brava fills this need by manufacturing the best Cedar shake alternative for your roof project.

There are Stone coated steel options but none of them are as impact resistant or authentic looking as the Brava options.

Made from Recycled Materials

All three Brava roof types are manufactured from post industrial recycled polyethylene, which makes them very lightweight.  Brava roof tiles are 80% lighter than traditional Spanish clay tiles and also 80% lighter than the traditional slate tiles. 

Quality Assurance

Manufacturers of Roof systems often exaggerate the quality of their product. The only way to truly assess the quality of a roof system is through the third party testing as well as the approvals that they have earned. All of the Brava Roof systems are Miami-Dade County county approved, Florida approved, and approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. This speaks volumes because the Florida approvals are the strictest and most difficult to earn. 

Product Testing 

The Roof Store has done its own product testing and we have come to the conclusion that Brava tiles far exceed the impact resistance standards compared to any other manufacturer. And it is because of this independent testing that we share with confidence that Brava roofing systems have the best quality with a great warranty to match.

Installation Requirements

The Brava Spanish barrel tile is installed similar to how a puzzle is put together. The tiles interlock side by side. Bravo Spanish barrel tiles are mechanically fastened to the roof either over battens or direct to deck.  They are fastened using two nails per tile.  The roofing nails used are not the usual 1 ¼ inch electro galvanized nails.  The nails must be, at the very least, hot dipped galvanized ring shank nails or stainless steel ring shank nails. The nails must be long enough to penetrate through the decking. The fastening method is a strict standard that must be adhered to in order to qualify for the Brava warranty. 

Wind Coverage 

Brava offers two different wind coverages. The standard wind coverage directs the installers to expose 13.5 inches of each tile. At the exposure of 13.5 inches per tile, you will use approximately 90 tiles per square (one square is equivalent to 100 feet of roof area). For added wind coverage the installer should decrease the amount of tile exposed to 13 inches. With the added wind coverage the average number of tiles used per square will increase to 97.  

Color Consistency

The color of each Brava Spanish barrel tile is consistent throughout the entire piece. Other manufacturers only paint the exterior of their tile. In color consistency, Brava also beats the competition.  

Existing Roof Load Capacity 

Each Brava Spanish barrel tile weighs 2.85 pounds. Traditional Spanish clay tiles weigh 11 to 12 pounds (11 to 12 pounds per square foot) each and require special structural modifications to your property to withstand the load from the roof system. To give you an idea of how much stress this puts on your roof, I'll give you an example. If your roof measures 4,000 square feet, the load on your roof from traditional Spanish clay tiles will be 48,000 pounds (24 tons). The Brava Spanish Barrel Tile roof would weigh approximately 10,260 pounds (5 tons). Installing Brava does not require any structural modifications to your existing load capacity. The roofing company removes your existing roof and then proceeds to install the Brava Spanish barrel system either over battens or direct to deck.

Proprietary Components

There are seven proprietary Brava components to the Spanish barrel tile look.

  1. Brava Barrel field tile
  2. Bullnose or hip starter
  3. Eave Starter
  4. Hip Caps
  5. Rake Edge
  6. Ridge Closure
  7. Top Ridge

These components are critical to waterproofing your roof project. Keep in mind, these are also added to the regular roof components like drip edge, base flashing, pipe boots, etc..


Brava warranties their roof products against any manufacturer's defects for 50 years. The warranty is transferable in the event you sell your home. A great Roof system with good warranties will increase the price and desirability of your property. The warranty cost $100 to transfer from one owner to the other and it can only be transferred once during the life cycle of the roof. The warranty covers the materials in the affected area and also the cost of Labor to remove the defective material, dispose of it, and also install the new material.

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Your destination must have the ability to receive commercial shipments because pallet jacks must have a smooth surface in order to deliver your roofing nail order.
  • Detention is charged at $100 USD per hour after two hours of waiting time unloading facilities.
  • Layover is charged at $350 USD per day
  • Extra charges will apply to any unplanned route deviation.
  • Driver assist rates are as follows: $200 USD for moving pallets not part of the delivery.

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